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Tomoki Tamura ( Doublet / HOLIC TRAX) – 6 hours set -

Visual by EMW/Teppan/Vasb


<VIP Lounge>

DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz - 3 hours set -

Kikiorix – 3 hours set -




Ryota Arai

Kosuke Itoda



<WOMB Lounge : Valentine lounge>



Aiko Morita(EUREKA!)

mo2K, (inception)

Visual by Cos/HALa9000/Nagisa



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Nov 2013 30


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31.12.13 NYE | 7PM – 10AM | £10 - £20 |£25 OTD |

@Cafe 1001 | 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6JE 

Adv tickets on RA
1st release – £10.00 (closes Sun, 15 Dec 11:59pm)
2nd release – £15.00
3rd release – £20.00

Cruising out of one year, and smashing through the perimeter fence of the next.

’013, the odd one.

It’s been a year that’s had Holic Trax go from length to strength
through releases from Rick Wade, Dan Curtin, Doublet and Mr.G.
A year that’s seen Holic maintain her tradition of hosting sweaty soirees of house.
With or without the big names it’s simply remained one muthafxxkn thang —


Celebrating NYE in the two room facility of 1001: that ole East London stalwart equipped with Funktion One sound and fresh pulped orange juice.

For this night,
Holic welcomes Panorama Bar’s own Oliver Deutschmann to the fold, to ensure that the new year is inaugurated — with the proverbial shutters opened — to some crisp winter’s blue.

Also in on the act is Dan Curtin, a Bass Culture alumni who got an F last semester, for filling the floor with firm, fornicating funk. Fantastically.

These heavyweighters are of course joined by Holic lynchpin Tomoki Tamura, and his fixers in Lookleft and Eightbitrate. Rounding out the bill are a slew of London’s own though, handpicked by the long arm of HOLIC, dishin out damage till the early moan.

Tough in the back room till 10 //
Hip-hop, funk, what have you in the front till 6.

Peace be with xx

-Line up (2 rooms)
Dan Curtin ( Bass culture / HOLIC TRAX)
Oliver Deutschmann ( Berghain/PanoramaBar)
Tomoki Tamura (Doublet / Holic Trax)
Annie Errez (Strobe Wax / Holic Trax)
Lookleft (Pets Recordings)
EightBitRate (From Napoli)
Miro SundayMusiq
Red Pig Flower & Knock ( Vast London
Immanuel Correct (Nummer)
danny. (Bushes)
Billy Stock (twelVe)
The Ill Technician (Positivity Brighton)

Nov 2013 14

“HOLIC is the future.” —Kubrick
But nothing brings about the future quite like the past.

Autumn leaves & rose tinted hooch on the riverbank.
Salmon pinks & cerulean hues.
Vibin’ within the London night sky.

But $#!+
‘T was them teeth-shattering times of raw House Music at Cafe 1001.
That dance floor spliff beneath the Funktion Ones. Them were the days.

So this 30 Nov. HOLIC party is back at Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane!

After a mutual break-up that saw HOLIC scope out the personalities (natural breasts) of other East London venues, we’re back up in it.
HOLIC sure missed those bouncing Brick Lane Double Gs.

For the last night in November — wake up in December — having seen…….

Love Fever bustin’ out the blush,
Miles Simpson of Thunder throwing down his PhD in vinyl junkism,
the return of Lookleft + Bearight,
hot new French house property Nummer,
the fantastically named Dudley Strangeways,
of course the Godfather Tom Tam
+ a whole host of otherworldly soundscapers.

*Liquor in the front,
Poker in the rear.
Slowmo House / Disco Funk front room
The dog house out back

Don’t be a letdown.. get down.
It’s HOLIC Biaxxh © xx

Front + Back room > 3am.

Ticket on sale at RA

HOLIC TRAX VINYL available all night
£ // 1 4 8 // 2 4 15 // 3 4 20

Line up (2 rooms)
Tomoki Tamura (Doublet / HOLIC TRAX) / Andy Bird (Love Fever) + Robert Outch (Love Fever) / Miles Simpson ( Thunder ) / Dudley Strangeways ( Back To You / Holic Trax) / Lookleft + Bearight ( Pets Recordings) / EightBitRate (From Napoli) / Nummer (Soundscape / Peur Bleue) / Keir S and Scott Collins(Pistols At Dawn) / Freaklou ( Bunker 194) / Gonzi

VJ Ting-an Lin (http://www.tinganlin.com/)


Mr.G / A G Moment EP out now in all good record shops!


HT008 / Mr.G “A G Moment EP”
Oct 2013 29

He’s back! 18 months have passed since he helped Holic Trax launch with the evergreen ‘Danceaholics’ EP, Mr G returns to Tomoki Tamura’s label with another session of insatiable tech soul. 
One of the most venerated men in techno, Colin McBean paints from a strictly timeless sound palette. Refusing to kowtow to any trends or fads, both he and his collection of analogue hardware have remained highly relevant and well respected for almost 15 years. Naturally this latest EP is no exception.
We kick off with ‘A G Moment’. Strutting with Detroitian distinction, the groove is awash with thick woozy chords. Instantly captivating, they set the foundations for the dual vocal trickery that follows as the lead loop is complemented by swooning ‘oohs’ in the background. Undiluted galvanised soul, it’s G at his most playful and sonically seductive.
‘So Get Down’ follows with percussive panache. A forthright fusion of thundering kicks and rolling bongos, we’re soon introduced to a cheeky snippet of a very well-known vocal. Guaranteeing that your floor will ride on time, every time, the beautiful simplicity and solidity of this is matchless.
A firing funk finale, ‘Whant It’ closes the show. Swaggering with full flavoured drum dynamics, Mr G’s trademark hip-shaking infectiousness is in full effect. With just enough space in the swinging rhythm to introduce a sexy, purring vocal and icy star-gazing pads, it’s yet another sensuous showdown.
Another sweat-inducing session from Holic Trax and another exemplary exercise in classic contemporary techno from M G: have yourself ‘A G Moment’ today.

Mr.G / A  G Moment EP
Label: Holic Trax 
Release: 6th NOV 2013 
Cat No: HT 008
Format: Coloured 10” vinyl / digital

A1 A  G Moment
B1 So get down (Vinyl Only)

Whant it (Digital only)


Alland Byallo – “Mr G… what can you say? His tracks are just so perfect. Straight up THE ESSENCE of underground dance music. I love all the tracks here, but my favorite is Want It… those drums just remind me of that late 90′s tribal, primate vibe techno that i fell in love with. FAT! THANKS!”
Agoria – “YES! I am really into this new Mr. G release… G Moment WINS!”
Alix Alvarez – “All tracks are dope but Whant It is next level dopeness. The only true G in house music is Mr.G!!! Thx for these. Def gonna be playing this one!”
Anja Schneider – “Big BIG LOVE for Mr. G!! So Get Down my fav here. Support.”
Anthony Collins – “Loving Mr. G’s music, always killer club cuts! So Get Down my fav.”
Artwork – “BIG sound from Mr. G… I’m definitely gonna be playing So Get Down. RESPECT!”
Axel Boman – “Ahhhhhh the timeless sound of Mr G! I never get tired of it! There is always at least 1 G-record in my bag when I’m spinning somewhere. This sounds like great stuff all the way through. Thank you guys!”
Ben Sims – “Classic Mr. G business! Whant It is the pick for me. BIG!”
Catz ‘n Dogz (Greg) – “Fantastic, we’re playing every release from Holic! Mr G = MR Good always good.”
Christopher Rau – “THANK YOU G!!!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!! G Moment my fav…”
D’Julz – “Can never get enough of the G! Whant It is dark and trippy but loving G Moment as well!”
Damian Lazarus – “BIG UP Colin… Always support… G Moment my fav here.”
Dan Curtin – “Super fat sound and killer as always from Mr. G. Been playing this one already and its FIRE!!”
Danny Daze – “Played So Get Down this weekend. Those Ransom stabs blew the roof off!!”
Danny Howells – “Always a lovely day when a new G rears it’s lovely head .. possibly Whant It for me but all three tracks are classic, timeless G.”
Eats Everything – “Mr G is and always has been one of my favourites, this EP demonstrates perfectly why. Diverse, rolling, fun techno. Fucking love it.”
Funk D’Void – “Genius, Maestro, Legend – 100/10!! ?”
Gerd – “Of course the G-Man comes correct with those tracks! Well done as always!”
Huxley – “So Get Down is my jam!! Cracking record. Always loved that vocal!”
Jimpster – “G Moment is brilliant! Looking forward to playing this out. Lovely moodsetter.”
Joel Alter – “Funky MPC style to da bone! Can’t go wrong… GGGreat!! So Get Down my fav.”
Kenny Larkin – “I’m definitely gonna be giving this a go on my dancefloor. So Get Down!”
KiNK – “Mr. McBean delivers solid beats and groove as usual, wicked tracks, especially the G Moment!”
Laurent Garnier – “More G funkiness – I can never ever get bored of this… Loooooving it as always!”
Loco Dice – “I’m a BIG fan of Mr. G! So Get Down is my fav here.”
Lovebirds (Basti) – “Absolutely loving the G Moment!!!”
LTJ Bukem – “Loving G Moment & So Get Down with the classic vocal. Oh the Memories!”
Luca Bacchetti – “Holic Trax is one of my fav house labels and this Mr’ G release makes me happy one more time!! G Moment and Whant It are dope!”
Luke Solomon – “Colin is relentless as the moment. So much good music, its inspiring!”
Midland – “Kind thanx for this one Holic! Whant it is a great track!”
Mosca – “Best Mr. G shit I’ve heard for a minute… So Get Down my pick but Whant It is also a banger… Love it!”
Moxie – “Biggest Mr. G fan over here. Love love love everything he puts out. Will most definitely be supporting this one.”
Rainer Trueby – “The G Moment has a nice & raw feel… Support from me on that one!”
Sascha Dive – “Can only be one word… BOMB!! Whant It…”
Satoshi Tomiie – “WOW is the word!! Mr. G always delivering… So Get Down my fav.”
Scuba – “Thanx for sending these over… I love this Mr. G stuff. So Get Down is the pick for me.”
Sebo K – “It’s another Mr. G BOMB!! I love this release guys.”
Shlomi Aber – “I’ll take anything from Mr. G ? G Moment will get played for sure!”
Soul Clap – “Deep driving spooky freak show shizzle from G!!! ?”
The Revenge – “Love it… As always with Mr. G!! Whant stands out for me.”
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – “Love this new Mr. G release…. Great deep vibes throughout.”
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – “So Get Down is gonna make people go MAD I think!!”
Trickski (Daniel) – “DOPE record!! Always quality music on Holic Trax! Whant It my fav here.”
Trickski (Yannick) – “HELL YEAH, he’s back!! This is such a great release, gonna be fun to play out!”
Willie Graff – “Yeah!! Been waiting for this to come out for a while! Mr. G is unstoppable. So Get Down is a big track on the floor.”

Oct 2013 19



Many moons ago…

A young boy Tomoki is left spellbound by the old masters of 4×4. Listening from a distance he is suffused with deep rhythmic splendour and witnesses lightning strike the dancefloor — splitting it clean and evenly in two halves. On one side comes to rest a shimmering mass of economic robotony, now placid in its shortage of natural resource. Crashing down on the other are the restless remains of past fervour, sensitive flesh yearning for fresh adventure.

Seeing this break — his path forever changed — Tomoki is inspired to harness the raw power of House.

He enrols at Holborn institution The End, excelling at audio alchemy, and as a student there, bottles bass-heavy blends under the name Holic. Some short years later, pursuing a doctorate at WOMB Tokyo he develops his most contagious product — a highly viscous melodic tonic known as Holic Trax Juinchi. Meticulously he fuses these colourful compounds and in doing so, develops a secret technique that imbues inanimate bodies with life.

With Holic as a makeshift lab, these loose limbs become Deepensteins of the Pranet Clunk.

On Saturday 26 October, with an enriched formula and a team of leading scientists, Tomoki and his colleagues perform this controversial practice at The Victorian Vaults on Funktion One sound. It’s Halloween in London and nobody’s left untouched…..

Yup, that’s right get ya ghoul on! It’s Halloween biaxxh

The Victorian Vaults | 82 Great Eastern St EC2A 3JF

Tomoki Tamura (Doublet | HOLIC TRAX) 
Robert Outch ( Love Fever) 
Rupes & Nic Baird (Make Me) 
Bruno Balbino ( Bunker 194) 
Lookleft ( Pets Recordings | Holic London)
danny. (Bushes)
s.Pitt (Wing Fetish)

Ting-an Lin (http://www.tinganlin.com/)

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